Grower Protocol


  • Genetics are owned and controlled by GaXtracts
  • All plants must be put into flowering at the end of season and no clones, mother, or any living tissue may be maintained or owned after January 1st, 2021

Farming recommendations

  • Pre-planting soil test
    - Heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, nutrient content
  • Clones must be transplanted prior to being root bound
  • Must be grown under white plastic mulch
  • Plants per acre must be between 1600-2800 per acre
    - Later plantings can have more plants per acre
  • Planting dates between June 1st and August 1st
  • Testing required once a week from the start of flowering
    - See sampling procedure for more info
  • If test prior to federally mandated pre-harvest test show the plants are about to go hot, the farmer must destroy crop prior to going hot
  • By law must harvest within 15 days of state collected pre-harvest sample collection

Sampling procedures

  • Take sample from top 20 cm of the plants
  • 5 plants per field must be sampled
  • Samples placed in individual zip lock bags and shipped overnight on ice to the testing facility